Sunday, January 21, 2007

Entry - 10

Check Post at Myanmar.

Border Village of Myanmar.

Bridge connecting from India to Myanmar.

RIH DIL (Lake) at Myanmar.

Paddy field at Champhai.

Champhai Town situated at Border of Myanmar.

Holy Cross Church at Champhai.

Entry - 9 "Christmas 2006"

Christmas Tree beautifully decorated.

Flower which blooms only during Christmas Season n named
it Christmas Flower.

Friday, January 19, 2007

It’s Christmas time!! Everyone is excited as this is one of the biggest celebrations in Mizoram. People are care free, visiting one another and gift exchange at this grand season. I am off from work and travel out of Aizawl. Its one of the best trip I ever enjoy until now. First landed at Champhai spent few hours and proceed to Mayanmar to visit RIH Lake one of the important place in Mizo history. This RIH Lake is studied in one of the paper in Mizoram Board School Syllabus. The people life is very hard at Mayanmar as the Govt. is very weak and slow in the progress of their country. People are hard working to earn their livelihood. According to my opinion Mayanmar is very much backward than India just hope that the Government will change some days into Democratic Country. Very much appreciate and support Ms. Sui for her fight towards it betterment of her country to change into Democratic country.

I attend the Mid Night Mass service at HOLY CROSS CHURCH, Champhai which is one of the pioneer Roman Catholic Church in Mizoram. People are nice and their warm welcome words will always remain in my heart. I also visited my College friend Ms.Zonuni who had invited us to her house for lunch it is a great privilege for me to meet her again after 5 years of gap. We chit chat for quite sometime narrating the past life we have spent together in the hostel its fun he..he..he..

Entry - 8 "Zofest 2006"

Paite clan performing on the stage.

Stage decorated in traditional style.

People from different states posted on the stage with their
respective costume.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

ZOFEST OF 2006 was held at A.R ground, Aizawl. This Zofest is held for two days to show the origin of Mizo clan to the younger generation. There was a beautiful show on Mizo traditional dress of different Mizo clan who comes to this Zofest from different parts of N.E States. It was very beneficial for me particularly as i have not seen our different kinds of traditional costume. The art of creativity and variety of mix beautiful colors of the shawls/puan and Kawr Chei of the designers of our yester years descendant were highly appreciated. Each of the traditional dress wore by its different clan has its own symbol and meaning which is difficult to explain for me…

I just wanted to jot down a few appreciation words to the present MZP under its Leadership of Mr. P.C Laltlansanga the then President and all his colleagues for their hard work and self sacrifice to bring the ZOFEST successful one. Their contribution towards the motherland to bring peace, love, harmony and unity to the Mizo nation is highly appreciated.

Besides its traditional costume show, the food stall, handicraft stall ets which brings its uniqueness to ZOFEST was very much attracted to me. The ZOFEST was held for two days but due to the busy schedule of works I cannot attend on the first opening day but can get to fix up to attend on the next day accompanied by my colleagues. We all enjoy and find its beneficial.