Thursday, December 25, 2008

Entry - 45

Celebrate Christmas with Special Food

Beautiful Decoration at the Hyderabad Central
Christmas Day 2008


Here goes my CHRISTMAS 2008 at Hyderabad. On Christmas day i went out and witness the beautiful decoration everywhere in the city and people of all ages are enjoying their holidays either with friends or family. I had a special lunch / food to celebrate this Christmas. Youngsters are busy for christmas party as well and the parks, public places are very pack on this day and for the rest life out here is normal as usual. Of course i am glad to receive many smses from near and dear ones and also through email of sincere wishes in this beautiful season. Due to recession people are not spending money though huge discount is going on in every shopping malls and market. Style of celebration is different in every parts of the world. so if i compare the way of celebration from the north east region its very much different. Any way the season of Christmas is grand festival for the christians all over the world and the way we celebrate are different according to traditions and culture of each region. Thanks to Almighty God for his protection, love, guidance and beautiful life he bestowed on me throughout the year of 2008.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Entry - 44

Hussain Sagar Lake At Hyderabad

At Hussain Sagar Lake.


The picturesque lakes of Hyderabad have contributed to its immense beauty and tourist attraction. The lakes offer a fabulous time for holiday makers and water fiends. The Hussain Sagar is one such lake. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The Hussain Sagar was built on a tributary of the Musi river by Hussain Shah Wahi during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1562. It is a sprawling artificial lake that holds water perenially.

On the banks of the placid waters of the Hussain Sagar a water front or bund was constructed to arrest the flow of water on the other side. The "Tank Bund", as it is called, has become a busy motorable road for both light and heavy vehicles. The Bund is adorned on one side with 33 statues of the great luminaries of Andhra Pradesh. They seem to be a silent witness to the changing colors of the city. Over the years the "Tank bund" has become a favorite haunt for the evening promenaders to take a stroll, while in the morning the health fiends are seen toning their muscles in jogging suits.

As the dusk unfolds, the environs of Hussain Sagar is crowded with colorfully attired young couples and families. Dozens of vendors make brisk business selling yummy eatables. During the rainy season especially, the aroma of the freshly roasted maize corns pervades the air and beckons any passerby to halt and take a bite. Come summer time, visitors can enjoy a refreshing treat of sugarcane juice served in tall glasses or beat the heat with flavored ice creams. Throughout the year the Tank Bund presents a picture of hustle-bustle of the regular traffic and the fun loving people who come to the water front for recreation. Also for these people, the cold and pleasant breeze along the lake takes them into a reverie where they are untouched with the present until the blaring sounds of the moving vehicles jostle them to reality!
A major attraction at the Hussain Sagar is the 16 meter high, 350 tonne monolithic Buddha statue on the Rock of Gibraltar. Made of white granite, it is finely sculptured and stands majestically amidst the shimmering waters of the lake.
The lake is encompassed on one side by the beautiful "Lumbini Park", an amusement park for the young and old alike. Then there is the enchanting "Birla Mandir" hewn on a hillock nearby. Standing on the Tank Bund at night, one is awe-struck to see the glimmering row of lights outlining the lake that look like a diamond studded necklace. This is the necklace road being readied to enhance the beauty of Hussain Sagar.

Hussain Sagar has other attractions for lovers of water sports. The yatching and sailing clubs at the lake are active and the annual regatta draws a good number of sportspersons and lay people alike from all around the country. During the regatta competitions, the lake looks picturesque and colorful with the yatches sailing on the shimmering waters.

Indeed the Hussain Sagar is a haven for young and old hearts, a thrill for yatchers and above all an ideal place for relaxation and recreation!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Entry - 43

Display at Exibition.

Inside the exibition Hall at Hitex City, Hyderabad.


In spite of my busy schedule I make up my time to see the India’s Poultry biggest exhibition in Hitex City at Hyderabad. Before I reach the spot I can’t imagine how would be the show looks like, but when I reach the spot it really impress me. It is well organize, discipline and very standard. Many foreign companies also took part in this exhibition.

India Poultry provides quality protein to millions of people in our country. It is also a source of income, employment and livelihood to millions of people in India. India has annual production of approx. 45 billion eggs and 1.90 million Metric tons of Poultry meat & ranks 3rd and 4th among the egg and poultry meat producing countries of the world. Though, many Indians are vegetarian due to religion and tradition India production in Poultry is very high. This may be surprise to many people. So, for interested person, you can log on to ,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Entry - 42

Memorial Stone of Hitex Centre.

Entrance of the Main Building area.

Unique architech symbol of Hitex Centre.


HITEX is the newest and state-of-the-art venue for international exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and corporate events in India. HITEX unfolds tremendous opportunities for international Players to converge at this dynamic destination and explore newer dimensions, establish partnerships and venture to take business to greater heights.

HITEX is located strategically at the most happening part in the city of Hyderabad, at Madhapur (near HITEC City), the emerging business and technology hub.HITEX is India's most modern exhibition centre, set to open up exciting opportunities in the global arena.

This magnificent facility spread over nearly 100 acres will be the star attraction of Hyderabad, a city that is already a sought after destination.The Centre is designed to enhance functionality and flexibility in providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for organizers of international exhibitions, conventions, trade shows and corporate events. Conceptualized by leading German architects, HITEX is conceived to provide world-class infrastructure to international exhibitors and serve as a one-stop resource, providing the right setting for exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Entry - 41

INDIA - Mumbai 26/11

It is a remarkable day for India to remember in the History. It is so horrific to see so many innocent people are shot death mercilessly. What a tragedy end of so many love ones, I can’t explain. Though I am not in the spot to witness but I appreciate the entire brave journalist who broadcast in live in different TV channels for many people to see what is exactly happening in and around the scenario.

I have a blogger friend by name Kim who is currently working in Mumbai, so I too enquire his safety and SMS to find out whether he is safe, instant reply from his side that he is safe. Oh.. Thanks be to God. In this kind of so sudden attacked we never know we are going to be safe or not, it’s all depend on luck. I can't comment or blame or to find out who is responsible for such attack as i am not the right person to do so. But i condemmed the act and wish the responsible person to be punish according to law.

By seeing all those family who lost their love ones in this India 26/11, I am emotionally touched by many persons/people story. So the only simple contribution I give to all them is just said “ A PRAYER” to Almighty God who can do everything for them/us. I salute all the NSG, Police and all those who are Martyr for India at this time. I also thanks and appreciate of all those who are directly involve in lending a helping hand to all those who are in need at that moment. May God Blessed each one of them abundantly.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Entry - 40

The newly elected US President BARACK OBAMA makes the World History. I am emotionally touch when I knew his victory. I always watch very closely this US Presidential election from the start. It has been so long to win the battle and the world is just panic, for this is the First time that Black Candidate is nominated for such high post in the US. So, now the whole world is watching what will be the change under his administration when the situation is in the worst stage. I appreciate and Congratulate him for his great success. Though he has been attacked by his rival John Mc Cain from different angle, but he won his fight because of his unique charisma and the content of what he is what America needs at this moment. I watch many a time from the CNN & BCC coverage; I do think that everything is possible if we have a dream to success with sincere hard work and loyalty. In this new change which the world witness now will be remembered always in the world History. Let my Country INDIA also awake at this moment to make a better place to live in for our future generation. Where race & cast system is still very much exist which hamper our progress, development and unity as one NATION.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Entry - 39

Sweet & Sour Chicken Soup (This is how i enjoy my weekend)

Steam Fish.

This is how i cook Prawns.

Fresh Sea Fish & Prawns

Now winter season sets in and it’s getting chiller than last month. The morning fresh air and the cool wind is very much mild and chill, so wake up early in the morning and starts a habit of jogging and exercise. I feel much fresher and keep me happy the whole day. But I always remember the mountainous area where I come from as I always enjoy the fresh clean air the throughout the year with moderate climate. This last October weekend, I really enjoy myself as planed before. I wake up early in the morning, gone to wet market and buy fresh sea fish, prawns, and chicken. Unlike MP, here the market open very early just like Aizawl, people are packed as it is weekend and many are shopping for their own family. Here shopping is not that difficult as almost all the people can understand English and also Hindi, so I used both the languages. But many a time people confuse of my identity as they think that I am a foreigner. India is such a large country that we have different faces and cultures that makes India very great. The food stuffs prices are very reasonable price in all items. I try to understand the local dialect but I find it very difficult right but I’ll try my best. It’s my style to speak a few words of regional language wherever I work / travel, which makes / feel better to interact with the people as communication is the best way to keep people closer.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Entry - 38

This is my style of cooking chow mein with sausage & vegetables

This is called "DOSA" South India famous food.

This where i store the food stuff. I like and love cooking.

This is where i get all the latest news in and around the world.

This is where i browse and get intouch with friends in my
flat at Hyd. Sorry it very untidy i'm going to clean it up right now!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Entry - 37

One of the Indians Biggest festival which followed by many other Festival, one of them is Diwali. India is one of the unique in the world where many as thousands of Goddess are worship as God and whole through the year we can witness different festival and celebration. During Dusshera festival I am invited by my neighbors and my colleague and attend their puja at Narshingpur, M.P. They offer me special India cook food, it’s very delicious. As I am not Hindu these are new things for me so I find it very interesting to study more about Hindu culture and customs. I spent my Dusshera Festival at Narshingpur in Madhya Pradesh. It’s my first time I have witness this kind of Dusshera Festival being celebrated in Indian traditional way. Thousands of devotees flock together in the Temple to pray. Every house is filled with happiness, joy, sharing, wishing one another and have food together.

DIWALI Festival of Lights, which is celebrated with great fun and happiness throughout India. I spent my time at Hyderabad. Its really memorable that this is the first times i witness such a wonderful and beautiful crakers flying everywhere.Old and young everyone takes part in this Festival with Family and Friends.... Its really great fun....

People pray in Temple at Narshingpur. MP.

House decorated with lights at HYD.

Beautiful crakers flying in the air. Diwali Festival at Hyd.


Entry - 36

Comparing my life in MP, here is more happening and more choices for food stuffs like fresh fruits & vegetables, different types of noodles, cane food, juices , from Sea Food to chicken, Beef, Pork etc. I love to go to super market where I can get green vegetables and all others cooking materials. I love cooking, so in my weekend I try my own recipe to cook in my flat. Since I work 5 days a week now so, I get more time to try out my home style cooking from continental food, Korean Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food and also my Mizo Food. I really enjoy and this is how I would like to spent my time besides hanging out. Here I can get good brand of wine, vodka and beer which is good with chicken garlic, chicken soya sauce, chicken dry fry, chicken chilly, chicken grill, beef grill, chilly beef etc.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bird Eye View of City Centre Mall at Hyd.

City Centre Super Market at Hyd, where i regularly did my shopping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Entry - 35

The recent global economic crisis which is being effecting all around the world, the US Presidential campaign, Asia economic crisis which is the Head line for the BBC and CNN world News today. Though every country is trying to solve this economic crisis, lets watch and see what will be the final solution, since i am on the bussiness line i am more curious about it. Looking todays India economic status we need more time to come up to compete with the developing world today and need extra effort to bring up our sweet country for happy living.
When i travel around India and seeing our living condition ....O much more to many beggars, so many home less people just living in the road to solve this crisis and problems. Is it due to over population?? Inefficient Govt. Administration?? No employment?? Communalism?? Whom to blame?? So many questions arise?? How to generate more employment?? Now India is growing in economic hope this will bring changes in the days to come.
India top Head line - clashes between the Christians and the Hindus. So many churches attacked and destroyed who is responsible?? I pray to GOD for Peace and Harmony in the Country. Love one another.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Entry - 34

Maharastra is truly a “Great Land” and the most fascinating region of India. It is also one of the most industrially and commercially developed States of India and Mumbai; the capital town is the “Financial and Industrial capital” of India. This time just take limited days for official visit to Mumbai, since it is monsoon so the weather was not favorable for outing or hangout. So busy schedule and that I don’t really enjoy. As every Indian knows about the Mumbai, as it is the Bollywood Stars who makes it famous too. Travel by road its very good and pleasant experience to travel in express highway. People are nice and we can see different cultures and different kinds of people live together in harmony


On the way to MUMBAI "FOOD PLAZA"

Entry - 33 "Travel"

From the central part of India I move down to the southern part of India, Tamil Nadu, the “Gateway of South” lies on the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. It is very interesting to visit..clean and quite hill station, beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, waterfalls, historical monuments, art, culture heritage, and many more…the people are hospitable and what makes me easy to move around for me is that most of them speaks English. Hindi is not very common compare to my present working place. I like their traditional food call idli, dosa, samber etc. Since I had very limited time, so I manage to visit only Chennai, which is the capital town of Tamil Nadu. I hope and wish that I get a job to work there for long time. I really like the place and people.

Entry - 31 "Statue"

This statue is placed at the corner of one of the restaurant where i had taken Buffet Lunch at Hyderabad. It attracts me as it reveals their traditional Andra Women Dress in their traditional costumes. It looks truely great for me as i can learn something about this State more closely. Though i am Indian, every states is unique of their own that is why India is called "UNITY IN DIVERSITY". I like the food, peoples and specially the economic growth which is very much booming in this state.

Truely "Hyderabad Dum Biryani"

'Club House' at our Township.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hyderabad. Outside our New Flat

Swimming Pool at our township where i relax after work. HYD.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Entry - 30 "Vocation"

Sorry could not update my entry for the last one and half months due to hectic travels and busy schedule. Its very good experience for me to have a lot of traveling in the main land from west to east, north to south and central India. I have met many different kind of people with different faces, making new Friends so on and so fort.... Being single what can i do so much, so i feel this is the right time you can move freely where ever you want. I make the best used of it. Once again went for holiday at Hyderabad last month but have to rush back to work after few days, but have lots of fun's with new Andra friends so left HYD and hope to meet them next vocation.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Memorial stone of Khajuraho.

Entrance of Khajuraho Western Temple site.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Visit to Khajuraho

A world heritage site, the temples of KHAJURAHO are India’s unique gift to the world, known for their outstanding universal value and human creative genius, built between 950 – 1050 AD by the kings of the Chandela dynasty. They are built mostly of fine sandstone ranging from pink to pale yellow. The stone blocks were fitted together as the use of mortar was not known. The temples bear highly intricate friezes stone carving depicting scenes from everyday life back then. And of course, the famous erotic figures of mithunas engaged in ardent lovemaking are more renowned. In the sculptures of Khajuraho, women and sex dominate the art. The dexterity and the intensity with which such moods and expressions are captured by the sculptors make the images come alive. The temples of Khajuraho constitute one of the world’s greatest artistic wonders.

There are many interpretations regarding these erotic sculptures of Khajuraho. Some view this as a work of degenerate society representations mirroring the lax moral standards of contemporary society. Whatever the interpretations are, it is evident that this can be viewed as a work of society which had few inhibitions about sex. Pursuit of pleasure, Kama was deemed to be an alternate path leading to moksha. Perhaps, the sculptures on the temples of Khajuraho aim to reveal human passions and a marked sensual element which is characteristic of early Indian Art, literature and folk tradition. Goddesses and females are often shown naked from the waist up often richly jeweled, with tiny waists and large rounded breasts, posing languidly, a picture of happiness and relaxation.

There are three Geographical divisions of the group temples namely WESTERN, EASTERN and SOUTHERN. The Temples of WESTERN group are the most visited at Khajuraho and it is the group to which the largest Kandariya Mahadev temple, the Oldest Chausath Togini Temple and the 13 other main temples belong. Most of these temples are contained within a fenced enclosure in a setting of a beautiful park. The Temples are profiled here in a clockwise direction. The EASTERN group consists of Brahmanical and Jain temples existing side by side. This includes three Hindu temples and three Jain temples. An inscription on the pedestal of the statue dates it to 922 AD, possibly the Chandela King Harsha reign. The SOUTHERN group comprise of Duladeo and Charturbhuja temples with Vindhaya in the background. About a km south of the Jain enclosure, Duladeo Temple, is probably the last temple, the Chandela built around early 12th century ( 1100 – 1150 ). There are dancing apsaras on its interior and the flying vidyadharas on the top row of its fa├žade but the figures are often repetitive and appear to lack the skill of carving found in the earlier temples. The Chaturbhuj Temple is the only temple which does not have erotic sculptures.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Entry - 28 - "Jabalpur. MP"

Madan Mahal Fort at Jabalpur.MP.

Weekend at "Narmada Jacksons Hotel" super cocktail.
This is the Best Hotel in Jabalpur, MP.

Jabalpur is one of the important and beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh. Madan Mahal Fort, an ancient palace ruined is still visible to see for the tourist. It is the highest peak where you can see Jabalpur city very clearly. If you are a curious person to know about the history and its existence you can get tourist guide to tell you the history. The place is beautiful with greeny trees with enchanted scenery and surrounded by small temples where all the Hindus goes for Puja or so called prayer. It is also an administrative and education centre. Many colonial building are still preserved and maintain till today. No. 1 Hotel & Restaurant called “NARMADA JACKSON” provides the best facilities, with different kind of drinks and food. The building was constructed by the British so the architect is beautiful and unique. It’s my place of hang out at weekend to have Chill Strawberry cocktail or beer with colleagues sometimes.

Entry - 27

Place call "Ghat" (During Monsoon this area will be filled with water)

Summer season.( less water flow )
Sunday is my Holiday every week end, as I am busy working the whole week. So I always try to make time to hang out. Since my present working place is not in metro site so most of my weekend time is spent at the country site, river site or mountainous site. My strong point in me is that, whatever the circumstances I am very flexible to adjust very fast according to the environment, situations and cultures. I am a person who is keen to learn and know about different cultures, so always am excited to visit new places and see different cultures and traditions.

Bounded by Uttar Pradesh in the north, Bihar in the north-east, Orissa in the east, and Maharashtra in the south-west and south, Gujarat in the west, Rajasthan in the north-west and Chhattisgarh in the east, Madhya Pradesh with an area of 3,08,000 square kilometers is now the second largest state in India after Rajasthan. Geographically the state of Madhya Pradesh is located in the centre of India. The river Chambal in the north and Godavari in the south forms its boundaries. The climate is monsoonal, it gets warmer after March as the tropic of Cancer passes through the northern part of the state.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Entry - 26 "PACHMARHI"

Natural Greeny Mountain.


Thursday, July 10, 2008



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A hill resort on the northern slopes of the Satpura range, Pachmarhi the only hill station of MP stands at an altitude of 1100 m. Discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857, Pachmarhi offers absolute tranquility. There are several viewpoints, water-falls, rock pools, walks and hills for trekking all within easy reach.The abundance of water spots is the hallmark of Pachmarhi. The town of Pachmarhi nestled in a saucer shaped valley consists of a sprawling civil area with a couple of churches, a small market place, an army station and a golf course .One of the most beautiful water falls of Panchmari, the BEE FALLS makes a sound like thousands of bees singing and hence the name.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry - 25 "PARK PIC"