Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entry - 64 "Chennai Residence"

My Residence at Chennai.

My residence at Chennai is surrounded with many trees. It is located in residential area in the heart of the city where all communication of transports, shopping mall, restaurant etc is easy and convenient. Along the road way trees are planted which provide shades during the hot scourging sun. The house is simple and clean. Most of all I like the house owner’s wife who is always concern, loving, caring, cheerful and sharing personality. She is my good friend as well. In my holidays I spend sometimes with her cooking and chit chat together to past the time. I learn Tamil language from her which is very interesting but hard to pronounce many words but any way I enjoy. Many times we had dinner together after work as she also working and reach house the same time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Entry - 63 "At KFC"

KFC - Zinger Burger

KFC - Self Service Centre

Me at KFC Restaurant
“Weekend” This word seems to be very common in this modern generation as most of the working group awaited to relax and exit themselves. After continuous work from Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday too its really hectic and feel very stress, so I usually go out and find a way out to relax and enjoy myself. I sometimes go to sea side, pub, bars, parks, country ride with friends, visiting friends’ house and eating / dinning in the restaurant.

I like Oriental food rather than Indian food. So most of the times for dinner I choose to have oriental food. Here I would like to share my KFC food experience. The restaurant is clean with enough space, interior design is beautiful, the staffs are good and the food they serve is good and tasty. Since they are specializing in Chicken fry it really tastes excellent.

Entry - 62

Loyala Christ Church

Memorial Stone of Pioneer Missionary

LOYALA College Building ( Side View )

Campus Path Way

Christ Church is located inside the Loyala College Campus at Chennai City. This Church was completed in 1933. It is Gothic Design and built by France Missionary of Jesuit Order. Many Christian all over the world come and visit as this church domain the History of Christians in Madras. Besides Santhome Cathedral Christ Church is the most significant Historic Church in Madras. 

Everyday there is Eucharistic Mass attended by the College Students as well as the other visitors / Christians who come for the Pilgrimage to Madras. The Church is surrounded with complete serene silence with many trees and woods. The Architect of the Church design is so beautiful and unique which attracts the visitors to see. Beside the Church, there is Pioneer Missionaries Memorial Stone of the French Nationals who come to Madras some 100 years back. 

Loyala College is among the famous well known in the city. The College offer many branch of studies and also international degrees. Students from different country do come to study their degree course. The Campus building is well design with international standard infrastructure and facilities. Currently my cousin brother had just completed his UG Course and he will continue his PG Course in the year to come.