Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Entry - 7 "Smokie Live Concert"

Remarkable Day!!!

World famous Band SMOKIE blows out live concert at A.R Ground, Aizawl which is one of the remarkable count down history for Mizoram. The live concert, at The A.R Ground, saw an unprecedented number of people, for this region, turn up to see their Number One band. The airlines even laid on extra flights to accommodate the demand from folks in outlying areas. Such was the chaos on the roads that it was difficult, even for the band, to reach the venue. An alternative route was found and they were in place and ready to start on time. However, there were still thousands of people queuing to get inside. It is estimated that there were 30,000 people inside and another 10,000 outside the grounds.

The noise of the crowd, as the band struck up, was mighty. It was clear that audience would join in with every word of the songs they had known for many years. The frenzied approval towards the end of the show reached its climax when the whole band returned to the stage wearing the traditional hand-woven tartan waistcoats. At that moment they became one with the audience. It was an awesome experience to deliver a concert to the people of Mizoram, India. A country about which was known very little.

As one of the Big Fan of Smokie, after work I’ve join the Concert along with my colleague Peter as all other frans get off from their work early on this particular day. I had tough time to connect my frans after we reach the A.R. Ground as the mobile line was very busy but some way some how we meet few of them in the ground besides other frans are also trying hard to find us .The huge crowd gathered was ever I noticed in Mizoram. I really enjoy and wish that such kind of concert to be happened again at Aizawl.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Entry - 6

PEACE HOME is run by Missionary of Mary Help of Christians Nun for the Women Domestic Workers. It is situated at Durtlang which is 5 kilometers drive from Aizawl. These Domestic Workers are generally hail from the neighboring states of Mizoram. As these Domestic Workers are being deprive of their rights and dignity they need someone to stand for them so, this Missionary Nuns stand for their rights and dignity for this helpless women in this state.

These women are trained by the nuns to work in different aspect like household work, tailoring, flower making etc. They are care and teach to be able to live independently in life. As we all know women are being deprived in different aspect/ground but now knowing the important role of the women in society, family and community many countries takes effort to bring up the women in all aspect. In this connection I would like to quote the famous German Leader Hitler saying:


I have attend the inauguration program of this Home but due to my work I am unable to attend on time but anyway I find my time in the second hour and manage to visit with my colleague Mr. Peter. Seeing the place and the people around there bring a lot of reason to think about life… I talk to some of the women/girls who stay in the Home. It’s very sad to hear their history and background… I just give condolence words to them. Not to forget the Care Taker of the Home Sr.Rose I really appreciate and respect of the work she has done to these women. May the Good God bless her and Guide her in the days to come.

Below I post some of the beautiful art craft by the girls of PEACE HOME. Its not it beautiful…. Just appreciate it….

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Entry - 5

Me! (Traditional Costume of Mizo Lady)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

AUTUMN FESTIVAL was held at Sihhmui 45 minutes drive from the capital Aizawl. This Festival is to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Mizo and provide an opportunity for young talents as well as entertainment for people of all ages. The Festival expose and promote the various creative talents of the indigenous tribes through exhibitions, food stalls, cultural performance, music etc and thereby promoting the diverse potentials of Mizoram and her people.

It’s really an amazing festival particularly for me coz to my surprise we all frans who works in different organization at Aizawl finally get a chance to meet up together at this grant festival. Since I was busy with my work during the day so I manage to go by the evening session which was follow up by pool side party and concert which makes the festival very attractive for the youngsters like us. Seeing the talented youngsters performing in the stage create the environment very exciting for all the attendants.

Besides, party and concert, exhibition was attracted too. The multi colors weave handloom with amazing design done by the designers was really attractive and beautiful in my eyes. The food stall, cook in different style and flavor adds the festival more exotic. I have tasted the North Indian food but unfortunately miss the South Indian food coz we are late ha! ha!ha! So hopefully there will be a next chance….

The remarkable of this festival which impresses me is that it is organized in aid of Children who are affected by cancer. Yes, we know and see that there are millions and thousands of children who needs to be protected and care in this world. Wherever we go we can see the reality of the condition of the children, its very sad….. Even though I do not have a child of my own but I have the heart touch / heartfelt for them. I just can't explain….


The tropical forests of Mizoram abound in a wide variety of flora and fauna. The thick bamboo groves strewn with wild plantains dominate the lower altitude, slowly giving way to dense woods festooned with creepers and canes as the hills rise higher. Orchids of various hues, pinkish-white, sparkling rhododendrons, yellow sunflowers and many other colorful wild flowers and many other colorful wild flowers, add a touch of delightful tonal contrasts to the greeneries.

The jungles are alive with a rich population of birds which includes rare species like the hornbills, pen-pheasants, tragopans, flower-peckers, sunbirds and the thrush family. Besides being an ornithologist’s delight, the jungles are home to tigers, leopards, monkeys etc.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Entry - 4

You might be surprise, where is this place situated. Yea all the 7 state sisters of the North East are very familiar of this place as it is famous for its beautiful flora and fauna, enchanted scenery and its romantic climatic condition, so people of the North East name it “Scotland of the East” whereas the original name is SHILLONG which is in the State of Mehghalaya.

It is one of the choices place to spent holiday/trip for those who love and close to its nature. The scenery is really beautiful and the climate is colder than its neighboring states in the N.E.The people here are nice and friendly. This is the place where most of my college days were spent so its stay closes to my heart and I dearly love the place, since I have not visited for a long period, so recently I made a visit with my colleagues. The place is improving and can sight so many changes in and around of the city of Shillong. I thank to all my companion of this trip, their caring and kindness they have bestowed on me will always remains in my heart. THANK YOU ALL DEAR COLLEAGUES.

Meet up with old frans after a long period of break reminds me to recall the old days and really sweet to talk about those days. We all miss those days when all of us are care free from all shorts of responsibilities. Yes now some of them are married but still there are few who are still single like me he!!he!!. Toss up with the beer bottle after a long break is really great and knowing that all other frans who are in this trip enjoy this too its exciting….. I sincerely thank to my friend Dr.P.Lyngdoh for his kind caring, assistant and arrangement he has done for us and to my Dear Uncle who has arranged for all the transportation during our short stay at Shillong. Not to forget to thank to the Owner of Broadway Hotel, who provide us accommodation when we are extremely in need of the accommodation.(You may think Why?? During our trip almost all the hotel in Shillong are pack up b’coz of the Puja Celebration)

The food is not bad especially “Dawhkhleh” as in Mizo we term it “Vawksa lu bawl” A tui bon top. Their way of cooking is simple and tasty. They are very fond of pork meat as majority people take pork meat. I miss the food a lot! So hoping that will be back to Shillong if time permits……

Pic of the group

The group in the Trip
(Peter,Izam,Tony & Me)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Entry - 3

From the dreamland of College Memories and switch on to another world where many people in this world forget to think of…. (may be I am not rite 100%) but I guess some how its true as many of the younger generations seems to forget the value of our own parents. It’s me who said…So friends just lean back and think......Are we also the same????

One cold and quiet night I was standing at the balcony of my house, looking around the clear sky, the bright moonlight and the stars adds to its serenity, and let my mind to travel around the world, thinking of the happiest and sadness moment I have gone through in this short span of my pilgrimage in this physical world. The questions WHY? HOW? WHERE? WHOM? there were so many unanswerable questions which still left inside…. And suddenly I turn around, and saw my Mom through the glass window, who was sitting inside the living room and reading book, I just stare at her a moment and reminds me to recall my past days of my childhood, my school days, my college days and the present day. My God….I can’t think of how much she would have gone through the sorrow and pain to bring us up. As my Dad left to his Heavenly Abode 13 years back so she was alone to bring us up. I truly know its not easy for a single parent to bring up the children. How can she do alone?? The question struck into my mind…..Anyway this is life and every day is not a sunny day. So I accept and agree to learn, whatever comes on our way coz everyone wants the best in life.

Looking at the bright side, I accept that “God has done everything for our Good”. I Thank God for giving me wonderful MOM to me. At this very moment this song gives me the relief of my mind and heart:

“Your four days late
And all hope is gone;
Lord we don’t understand why we have waited so long
But His way is God way, not yours or mine;
Is not it great He’s four days late
He’s still on TIME”

I would like to quote out the lovely song for her:

“Mother you give me happiness
Much more than words can say;
I thank the Lord that he May Bless You
Every night and Every day”.

Ka Pa Hriatreng nan (Tribute to DAD)

“Ka Pa pial lei daiah fam min chan san tawh mah la
Kan ngilh lawng che hring nun chan chhungin,
Thinlaiah i cham reng si".

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Entry - 2

The 5 Frans in the College.
(From left, Songita,Genevive,Me,Babli & Kiran)

College Picnic at Shillong
(St.Mary's & St.Anthony's College)