Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here i would like to highlight about my College Memories as i am just fresh and free from College life. Its just a few years that i am out of the college and every now and then just dream of how i spend my days and time.Frans don't think that its funny but i am gonna tell you about the fact.... The College is at Shillong in the State of Meghalaya or else popularly known as Scotland of The East, it is in the North Eastern part of India where three major tribes are inhabitant of the State namely Khasi,Jantia and Garo.The name of the College is St.Mary's College run by the Roman Catholic Nun called RNDM and is holding No-1 ranking College only for women/girls. Since it is non co-ed educational institution so the environment is quite different comparing from the other colleges.

1. At the College level every person thinks that they are grown up and like to be free from the tight discipline of the school days. So unlike other college St.Mary's College always conduct assembly before we resume the class for Morning Prayer.

2. The Dress Code for the College Students is very strict. Fashion dress is strictly prohibited e.g. sleeve less shirts/tops is not allowed, the students should wear long skirts, pants is not allowed to wear, long hair should tide up needly.

Besides this there is so many other uniqueness that St.Mary's College possesses. The Lecturers and the students’ relationship which I cannot forget. From my side I give high honor/respect to My Principal Mother Ann,Ms Enet Richmond,Ms.Daisy and Ms.Mary Stella who really help and guide me from the first day i step in till i completed my studies in this college.TEACHERS I HONOUR YOU & YOU HAVE MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY.

The very first day i am separated from my family was hard. Leaving love one behind to build my career for the future....so many thoughts in me which i cannot express. The pain i have gone throught..so much.The day 1 i join my college...stranger to everyone..not a single person i know..can't think of!!!! Everything NEW...!!!!My God...!!!

The unforgettable frans i have met in this college Babli,Songita,Kiran and Genevive they are great.We hail from different community but the closeness we have is unexplicable.Now we are all miles apart and live our own life but we still reach out to one another in times of needs/troubles.The time we bunk the classes,College Week,Picnic Days,College Sports,Freshers Social,College Fete etc.Those days are gone by..We could not hold them...We cannot reverse it back...Only Memories lingers in my Heart.

Yes there was times, many abstacles comes on my way and was over come step by step with the help of my seniors and God.I thank to my all seniors we was beside me in times of need i remember you all.So i accept life is "TRAIL AND ERROR".We need to die everyday to live.

Above all I THANK GOD for his Guidance and Blessings for all those days untill today and not to forget my Parents who send me in this College. The pain you have gone throught because of me I REMEMBER. Your unconditional love and sacrifice which you have bestowed on me is so much.....THANK YOU DAD & MOM.

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