Saturday, February 17, 2007

Entry - 15 "The Power of Forgiveness"

There is a famous saying “Forgive and Forget”. Yes, I do belief this is easy to say but when you ponder for a while and think it over there are certain situation which sometimes you cannot forget.

One of my College friend says that “these words are easy to say, but when it comes into real situation sometimes it not possible”.

One of my colleague says that “Yes, I forgive but its not easy to forget which hurt my feels but I try my best to forget to look forward, if I ponder and think it over again there is no point instead I keep myself busy in work. It works wonders in my life why waist time, as time is so precious”.

One of my Senior colleague says “Forgiveness is vital in human life you must ask forgiveness when you are wrong. Admit your mistake life is always trial and error. We must learn to forgive each other”.

One of my junior friend says “It depends on the situation which comes to me. But, if I am right or true why should I ask forgiveness?”

To conclude from the above different opinion, we must learn to forgive each other despite it may be hard when it comes on our way but it brings happiness and joy to every human being in this living world. So,here a few words about:


Decide to forgive
For resentment is negative
Resentment is poisonous
Resentment diminishes and devours the self
Be the first to forgive
To smile and take the first step
And you will see happiness bloom
On the face of your human brother or sister
Be always the first
Do not wait for others to forgive
For by forgiving
You become the master of fate
The fashioner of life
The doer of miracles
To forgive is the highest,
Most beautiful form of love
In return you will receive
Untold peace and happiness.

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Almost Unreal said...

I'd say I find it hard to forgive but tend to forget

dont know whcih one is better - to forgive but remembered or not forgive but forget.