Friday, June 22, 2007

My Home State "Mizoram"

This time i would like to write about my home state that is Mizoram. One of the youngest States of the Indian Union, it covers an area of 21,087 sq. kms. flanked by Bangladesh and Tripura in the West, Myanmar in the East and South, and Assam and Manipur in the North. 

Aizawl, the Capital of Mizoram with a population of about three lakhs is a hill city humming with commercial, social and political activities, attuned to modern and westernised lifestyle. The State has eight districts and three Autonomous District Councils.The people are highly- cultured and sociable people without class or caste distinction and have a unique and colourful culture, which set them apart from others. 

Mizoram is broken up lengthwise into five major mountain ranges gradually descending from the south to the north. The hills are rugged and their heights uneven. While the majority of them rise to about 900 metres on average, the highest and legendary mountain, Phawngpui or Blue Mountain as it is popularly known, towers to 2,065 metres.

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