Monday, January 26, 2009

NEW YEAR at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

As i am relocate to Chennai earlier known as Madras at Tamil Nadu, i attend New year Day celebration at St. Thomas Basilica at Mylapore. Its a unique celebration and am happy to see many faithful believers from many nationals around the world on this New Year Day 2009.

The tomb of St. Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles (disciples) of Jesus Christ, attracts people from all over the world. It is a pilgrim centre for Christians, especially during Christmas and Easter seasons. Its history, battles fought over the mortal remains of the saint, burial, excavation, relocation of the tomb, etc., all form part of a high drama the church witnessed over the centuries

Today Santhome has in its possession only a piece of bone and the metal spearhead with which the saint was assassinated in Madras. These are kept under the safe custody of the priests. It is exposed for public veneration during the annual solemn novena for the feast of St. Thomas on July 3rd every year.


illusionaire said...

Hei!!! Ka second khua Tamilnadu ah maw i lo awm? :) Ka seilenna a nih kha... Kan hunlai te chuan Santhome (Sikul) ho nen khan States FINAL ah kan sikul team nen kan in tum ziah, India rama Fibre court nei hmasa ber an nih kha! :)

hnamte said...

O Chennaiah relocate e. Kei pawh India ramah(Mizoram tiam lo in)ka 2nd khua alom. Ka relocate chu ka lawm a sin. I rawn zin chuan min ron thloh tum la. Ka ph-9176174134.