Sunday, May 03, 2009

I took a break and travel to M.P to wrap up my personal work which I have left last year and also meet my ex-colleague from my last company. I start my journey from Chennai by train and had very fun journey. I was feeling lonesome as I boarded the train but my travel companions are very cheerful and fun loving. Despite the long distance its very interesting journey. Since it is summer season the temperature is extremely hot with dry wind.

As I reach my destination, I put up in my friend house. Since I had very limited time I call my friend to meet them up immediately. During my stay in M.P the most memorable person is my ex-house Owner, so I take time to meet their family too. They are really very nice and loving to me while I was there at M.P. They prepare North Indian traditional meal. I take sometimes to chat with them and had good time with them as usual.

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