Sunday, June 21, 2009

My residence at Chennai is surrounded with many trees. It is located in residential area in the heart of the city where all communication of transports, shopping mall, restaurant etc is easy and convenient. Along the road way trees are planted which provide shades during the hot scourging sun. The house is simple and clean. Most of all I like the house owner’s wife who is always concern, loving, caring, cheerful and sharing personality. She is my good friend as well. In my holidays I spend sometimes with her cooking and chit chat together to past the time. I learn Tamil language from her which is very interesting but hard to pronounce many words but any way I enjoy. Many times we had dinner together after work as she also working and reach house the same time.

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illusionaire said...

Class 3, 4 vel kan nih lai a "My House" tih essay kan ziah thin min ti hrechhuak, ku Hnamte. :D