Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have attended the MIOT ORGAN DRIVE (MODE)held at Madras Institute of Orthopeadic & Traumatology Hospitals located at Mount Poonamalle Road. The function was hoisted by the Tamil Nadu Dy. Chief Minister Mr.M.K Stalin. Tamil Nadu is one of the leading provider of organ transplant in the country with public-private partnership in the world of health care. There are more than 2000 person who regitered themselves under MODE to donate their organs. Mr.M.K Stalin and His wife are the first people to registered themselves in this MODE function.

From my personal point of view this has special impact in the field of health care. The new advancement and higher technology in the field of health care sector has brought trememdouse life saving by organs transplant in this present world. Though the price may be high but patient pay the price to live long. There is also negative and positive aspect in organ donation. So it depends on each person concience to decide whether to donate organs in proper channel or not.

Every year, more than 100,000 Indians suffer from end-stage renal disease, but only 100 get kidneys from deceased donors. However, through private initiatives such as the MIOT Organ Drive (MODE) launched by deputy chief minister M K Stalin on Friday, private healthcare providers hope to chip in.

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