Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am preparing for the upcoming Events and I have to complete all the in invitation to be sent out on time. So work very hard that no pending job. I always like to finish my job daily and start new assignment everyday. If I have any pending job it always disturbed me during my sleep so always I have a habit to complete whatever possible everyday. Work seven days without proper rest and finally complete and get it done...hurray!! and my Boss immediately flies off to Europe and here I am..

Now I feel deserve to hang out to exit myself and relax. I decided to hang out at park where I can feel close to green environment of nature. Admiring the architect landscapes design and it beautiful flowers, shrub and trees makes me feel relax. Walking along site of coastal area with bare foot and the sea wind blows gently, blew away all my tiredness. After long distance walk get in to a wonderful restaurant to fill my hungry stomach...yummy...very great appetite to eat….

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