Saturday, April 10, 2010

Entry - 92 "Blessed Easter 2010"

Its Blessed Easter as my Mom and Bro spare their precious time for me. They travel from thousand miles to share together the great joy of risen christ! I am deeply happy that they have time to be with me this time around despite of their busy schedule.

On the day of Good Friday we participate in Way of the Cross and Holy Mass at Saint Thomas Mount. The crowed were huge, people from all walks of life come together to mourn for Jesus who died on the cross for our salvation. We return home at 9 p.m on that night. It really satisfying me of my spiritual well being. I have met some of my colleagues also on this blessed occasion.

On Easter Sunday we attend Holy Mass at San Thome Basilica. The Eucharistic mass was very lively. My Mom is happy though she could not follow english language as the Holy Mass was offer in English. But than i translate for her homily and all the prayers which was said during the Holy hour.

After sharing eucharistic sacrament we proceed to see the Tomb of St.Thomas. We had a prayer and meditation in the Tomb chapel. It is beautiful and well maintained. Many visitors from different countries also come to visit on that Easter Day.  

May the Risen Christ Bless You all!!



illusionaire said...

Belated Easter to you, Irene. By the way, I didn't know you're Catholic. I am quite familiar with the Way of the Cross too, as I was brought up in a Catholic boarding school :)

Irene said...

Belated Easter to you!

Of those who brought up in Catholic Institution will be very well know about way of the cross thought they may be from other christians denomination.

Wow...nice to hear that you study in catholic institution!


Excellent post! I read with great pleasure.I hope you and your mom had a great time together.

Irene said...

@Epis.... yea we had great time! Thank you for u r time!