Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jabalpur is one of the important and beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh. Madan Mahal Fort, an ancient palace ruined is still visible to see for the tourist. It is the highest peak where you can see Jabalpur city very clearly. If you are a curious person to know about the history and its existence you can get tourist guide to tell you the history. The place is beautiful with greeny trees with enchanted scenery and surrounded by small temples where all the Hindus goes for Puja or so called prayer. It is also an administrative and education centre. Many colonial building are still preserved and maintain till today. No. 1 Hotel & Restaurant called “NARMADA JACKSON” provides the best facilities, with different kind of drinks and food. The building was constructed by the British so the architect is beautiful and unique. It’s my place of hang out at weekend to have Chill Strawberry cocktail or beer with colleagues sometimes.

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