Saturday, November 08, 2008

The newly elected US President BARACK OBAMA makes the World History. I am emotionally touch when I knew his victory. I always watch very closely this US Presidential election from the start. It has been so long to win the battle and the world is just panic, for this is the First time that Black Candidate is nominated for such high post in the US. So, now the whole world is watching what will be the change under his administration when the situation is in the worst stage. I appreciate and Congratulate him for his great success. Though he has been attacked by his rival John Mc Cain from different angle, but he won his fight because of his unique charisma and the content of what he is what America needs at this moment. I watch many a time from the CNN & BCC coverage; I do think that everything is possible if we have a dream to success with sincere hard work and loyalty. In this new change which the world witness now will be remembered always in the world History. Let my Country INDIA also awake at this moment to make a better place to live in for our future generation. Where race & cast system is still very much exist which hamper our progress, development and unity as one NATION.


Vikram said...

Hey man, nice blog. India's Obama might well be from the North East, that will truly be a great day for out country. Lets hope for the best and keep fighting.

Vikram said...

Oops didnt realize u were female, sorry abt that.

hnamte said...

Hi!! Vikram,
Thanks for your comment. Just gone through your blog too. Its very interesting and do keep up your creativity.