Monday, November 03, 2008

Now winter season sets in and it’s getting chiller than last month. The morning fresh air and the cool wind is very much mild and chill, so wake up early in the morning and starts a habit of jogging and exercise. I feel much fresher and keep me happy the whole day. But I always remember the mountainous area where I come from as I always enjoy the fresh clean air the throughout the year with moderate climate. This last October weekend, I really enjoy myself as planed before. I wake up early in the morning, gone to wet market and buy fresh sea fish, prawns, and chicken. Unlike MP, here the market open very early just like Aizawl, people are packed as it is weekend and many are shopping for their own family. Here shopping is not that difficult as almost all the people can understand English and also Hindi, so I used both the languages. But many a time people confuse of my identity as they think that I am a foreigner. India is such a large country that we have different faces and cultures that makes India very great. The food stuffs prices are very reasonable price in all items. I try to understand the local dialect but I find it very difficult right but I’ll try my best. It’s my style to speak a few words of regional language wherever I work / travel, which makes / feel better to interact with the people as communication is the best way to keep people closer.

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