Tuesday, December 02, 2008

INDIA - Mumbai 26/11

It is a remarkable day for India to remember in the History. It is so horrific to see so many innocent people are shot death mercilessly. What a tragedy end of so many love ones, I can’t explain. Though I am not in the spot to witness but I appreciate the entire brave journalist who broadcast in live in different TV channels for many people to see what is exactly happening in and around the scenario.

I have a blogger friend by name Kim who is currently working in Mumbai, so I too enquire his safety and SMS to find out whether he is safe, instant reply from his side that he is safe. Oh.. Thanks be to God. In this kind of so sudden attacked we never know we are going to be safe or not, it’s all depend on luck. I can't comment or blame or to find out who is responsible for such attack as i am not the right person to do so. But i condemmed the act and wish the responsible person to be punish according to law.

By seeing all those family who lost their love ones in this India 26/11, I am emotionally touched by many persons/people story. So the only simple contribution I give to all them is just said “ A PRAYER” to Almighty God who can do everything for them/us. I salute all the NSG, Police and all those who are Martyr for India at this time. I also thanks and appreciate of all those who are directly involve in lending a helping hand to all those who are in need at that moment. May God Blessed each one of them abundantly.

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