Tuesday, December 09, 2008


In spite of my busy schedule I make up my time to see the India’s Poultry biggest exhibition in Hitex City at Hyderabad. Before I reach the spot I can’t imagine how would be the show looks like, but when I reach the spot it really impress me. It is well organize, discipline and very standard. Many foreign companies also took part in this exhibition.

India Poultry provides quality protein to millions of people in our country. It is also a source of income, employment and livelihood to millions of people in India. India has annual production of approx. 45 billion eggs and 1.90 million Metric tons of Poultry meat & ranks 3rd and 4th among the egg and poultry meat producing countries of the world. Though, many Indians are vegetarian due to religion and tradition India production in Poultry is very high. This may be surprise to many people. So, for interested person, you can log on to www.poultryindia.co.in , www.Ipema.co.in

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