Monday, April 13, 2009

Entry - 55

Mizo Chennai Welfare Association (MCWA) Farewell for Out Going Students for the Batch of 2008 – 09 was held at St. Peter’s Hall. After I relocate to Chennai this is the first time I attend the Mizo get together due to busy working schedule I really do not have so much time for other extra activities.

The first session starts with Thanks Giving, followed by group singing, entertainment solo, duet and band group. Maximum of the members of Mizo Chennai are Students in different field and working group are minimum but in spite of small age they perform very well in all their activities and full fill their responsibilities in their own show. The group band called “The ZUZIZ” brings amazing performance and all the members performed well in their own part. As I am crazy of keyboardist/pianist my maximum attention goes to the band keyboardist/pianist.

Seeing the individual’s items performance it reminds me of my college days few years ago where I do participate in solo competition which was organized by the college during college week. I like singing and do sing a lot when I am inside the house and in the church. I like playing guitar too. I like sentimental and soft rock music.

Last not the least the most important in Mizo Get Together the closing session with Common Meal called “RUAI”. They serve Boiled Pork with Cabbage!!! Others menu like green salad and vegetables boil….Fantastic and good taste! as did not eat more than a year I really enjoy the meal and the programmed as well.

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