Thursday, April 16, 2009

Entry - 57

One fine morning as usual wake up go for exercise, take shower, take breakfast and go to work. On this particular day I am relax as I do not have so much work, so keep on popping of my friends blogs and reading the news around the world from different sites. My phone rang and when I saw the caller name I am very excited to pick up hmmm… I say Hello… It was one of my hostel roommates while I did my graduation in Shillong. I did not meet her since 7 years, but we always keep in touch through the phone and share our life around.

Breaking news!!! Her Wedding Day is on 18th April 2009. Overwhelm to hear the news!! Great Congratulation!! I answer. Though I am far far away distance, she still remember me to invites for this grand celebration and special occasion. The friendship which we share together is so incredible that its beyond measures. I wish I could join her on this special day. But the only way I can join is through prayer. May God bless them abundantly with all the happiness they deserve in the days to come.

On the other hand, after a months gap now I have a chance to fulfill my in-depth desire that is to complete my MBA or CS. So now I have met all the relevant authority regarding my further studies and all the things are on the positive side. Since I have relevant work experience to take up this course so I keep focus for many years and finally the year has turn up to continue my long desire dreams. I thank God for giving me life, guidance, protection, patience and show me the way to reach my unending dreams. Thank you JESUS and be with me and walk with me always in the days to come.

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