Saturday, July 04, 2009

Beautification of landscapes has its own beauty as it is design by professional who study in related with natural environment. In this modern world landscape design has become very popular and we can see different beautiful and unique design in many part of the world. I like the Japanese and Chinese style of landscapes design. They plant beautiful and unique species of green trees and flowers which is suitable with the climate and location. In India also we see many IT Parks, Corporate Offices, Resorts, Hotels, and Park etc with beautiful landscapes design. It is all created and design by man which sometimes I wonder seeing their work done. 

Just pondering back my childhood days, me and my sister make small flower garden near our house. Though we are not great designer like professional but then we plant according to the garden size so that it look beautiful when it blooms. I remember that they make us so happy when the flower blooms. We planted variety of flower and also trees surround our house we water them every morning and evening during the sibling time. But now I am so far away from my house that I become sweet memories of our small home garden.

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