Monday, July 20, 2009

Here goes my first trial and attempt in Cooking South Indian Food under the guidance of Ms.Geeta.It's very exciting and interesting!! I have spend July 3rd Weekend in learning how to cook South Indian Food deliciously. I am very fascinated in cooking different cultures of food, so where ever I go I am trying to learn something new. South India is famous in spices, so almost all their dishes are blended well with different spices and colors. The aroma is commonly very strong and pungent. Since my traditional cooking style is very different I am very interest to learn new recipe. Coconut and curry leaves are one of the important ingredients in every dish. I was taught how to remove the coconut hard skin than break it open and finally peel out the white tender coconut to mix with dish. It takes quite sometime in removing coconut skin but the rest of the other ingredient to be used in cooking does not take so much time. As this is the first trial it takes me one and half hour to complete it.

Thanks to Ms.Geeta for spending her valuable time. I will always keep in my heart of what I have learned from the land of South India. So looking forward someday to cook for my family and friends who like to taste South Indian Food.

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