Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! 2009.

Thanks to my Mom, who sends warm wishes accross the miles, my Boy-friend who sends loving wishes along with birthday card accross the miles, my friends who sends wishes through face book and orkut social networking, my colleagues and all my North east friends who arrange a wonderful dinner of North east cuisine... Thank you one and all. I am happy and glad from the debt of my heart to all my well wishers and love ones that they make a great day. You will be all remembered always.

All my friends despite of their busy working schedule they spare wonderful time for me. Its great!


illusionaire said...

Hey! Happy Belated birthday!!!! Va lo che spy ve a, hriatloh laiin birthday lo lawm vel. :)

Chuan i birthday hi a ni zing viau in ka hre mai :D

Irene said...

hmm..i wedding plan chu tha khop mai..ka ron rawn ang che tih ve don hun chu.

Kum khatah 1 chauh alom..ahma a i hmuh te kha chu ka thiante B'Day zok a ni e.

Tun pawh ka thohpui ten min phut tlat a. Seminar neih buai lai ni bawk nen in rem lo tak2 sin o mahse lawn ve hram nih hi..rem dan ang2 in.