Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Entry - 80 " God Speaks to You"

Last weekend on my way back home I happen to catch up with one of my colleague Esther. Though we are working in the same company we hardly meet each other as our job nature is different. Sometimes we met in café, on the walk way, garden or corridor and just say hello and went off to work. She has cheerful looks and give smile to people she met. That is very nice part to know her casually.

This very evening after work I left my office and went along with Esther. We were sharing about our day to day job and have a nice time chatting on my way back home. Between our conversations she tells me about one lady who come to India from Middle East in her department and acquainted with her for quite sometimes. This friend used to tell Esther about her experience in life, career and family relations etc. So Esther also shares with me many good things she learns from her new friend.

Conversation goes very smooth and I feel very interesting and one particular word strikes me “Be PATIENCE in life”. As in my case I am always hurry and cannot wait many things in life, many a times I do not have patience to wait and sometimes ask myself why to wait when I can do today? Yes there are many things which need to wait but in every person these things will be different, so depends on persons to persons and situation they come across. Thought time is precious but we have many things undone and also there are many cases which need time to wait. So all these needs to be rectify, analyze and think it over again and again.

This same thought comes to my mind from the time I wake up from bed this very morning. As usual prepare my self to work and headed to office. From my residence to office it takes 45 minutes. Reach office and work as usual. The day went peacefully complete my day to day job. I just ponder, why Esther did mention again these words!! I was surprise for a while. She too incidentally speaks out her thoughts to me that very day. At the time of departure I told her, Esther we have the same thought today. And she said “Irene, God speaks to you today and be happy” than she left me.

After Esther left, I am still wondering about our discussion today and also my present life. Those many years ago I want to have and do things but never get it or done until the times comes. So everyday I learn many new things. If I have what I want in those days and done, may be I do not know the value and what God wants. So now, I realize God schedule everything for his people and loved one. We need to work on it continuously and have patience. He will provide everything if we trust and belief in him.

While this thoughts filled me all over I am overwhelm to hear this song “Four Days Late” by Karen Peck & New River.

I quote here only the chorus of this song –

You are Four days late
And all hope is gone
Lord we don’t understand why you waited so long.
But His way is God's way
Not yours or mine
And Isn’t great! He is four days late
He is still on time.

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