Sunday, November 01, 2009

On Saturday night I receive a call from my cousin sis saying "please come to see me I am sick". I was very embarrass and was shock to hear, after when she narrate her situation I am cool down and told her that I will be coming the next day. Thought we are in the same city we cannot stay together because of studies. She stays in Madras University Campus as it is much more convenient for her everyday classes and schedule.

The next day was Sunday, wake up early in the morning I prepare myself to visit her. But I pause for a while to decide, whether to attend coaching classes first and visit in the second hour. And finally I decided to cook some food and visit her in the second hour. In the hostel we cannot cook as we like as facilities are very limited. I understand her situation very well as I am in the hostel around10 years long.

This is the first time I visit her since she change her hostel. Thought she is much younger to me she is smart, strong and can take care of her self. She knows that I am also busy with my work as well as my studies she hardly disturbed me unless in serious matter so whenever she call me I give importance to her request too.

When I arrive in their Hostel Campus I am lost which road to take. So I waited for her at the entrance of the campus for a while. In spite of her weak health she has to come long distance to pick me I feel sad for her. She came along with her roomie and when she saw me she feel very comfort and happy. We chit chat all the way while we are walking inside the campus.We have nice time together, had lunch under the shade trees and continue chatting. After lunch they took me around of their university campus, its so beautiful and greeny environment. It reminds me of my college days when I saw many young college students hanging around inside the campus.

Before I depart, I advise her to take extra care and to take medic on time and promise her to see again next weekend.

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