Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Entry - 82. "My Choice Happy or Sad"

As I wake up every morning I have a habit to pause for a while five to ten minutes to say a short prayer.

Than the choice comes in my mind either to make happy or sad day. I always prefer to have happy day so I only think all the positive aspect which I have in hand at the moment. Despite of work pressure I try my best not to carry home any work matter at home. A few years ago I work in challenging, high pressure and tough situation, sometimes I recall the painful day and time I have gone through and just cannot belief myself how I overcome those tough time. I remember the book i have read "TOUGH TIME NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO" so now I am much happier ever that I have an opportunity to face those tough time and situation. I never regret rather it make me stronger each day I face new challenges.

Happy or sad is my choice. What ever I do, wherever I go I can find unhappiness. Instead I always look at things in two direction that is how I learn my new life concept this year and glad to say that it is successful to me. It may be worse circumstances I always try to see the silver line which comes next.

This is how I make my life Happy each day.

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