Sunday, December 13, 2009

Entry - 84." Christmas Season"

This is the season of Christmas.

I went around for window shopping and i saw everywhere beautiful decoration. India is diverse culture of land where we celebrate as many festivals compare to the other countries. This is the uniqueness of India.

This year I am planning to spent my Christmas either in Pondicherry or Chennai. I have limited holidays so cannot go far away from my working place. I am applying for long holiday the coming new year, so decided to accumulate all my holidays instead. Last year I celebrate my Christmas at Hyderabad it was so peaceful but this year due to political chaos may be different atmosphere.

I ask my other cousins working in Delhi and Bangalore through facebook they have their own planning for this coming Christmas. My cousin Florence has decided to spent at Goa. I wish she has a great time over there.

My Mom on the other side miss me so much as i cannot spent with her, she calls me everyday. I promise her that i will pray, so that she will have happy time this coming Christmas.

I wish A Happy Christmas & Properous New Year to all my blog readers.


illusionaire said...

Merry merry Xmas to you too!!! :)

Irene said...

Kumin chu hman pui tur i neih that hmel bik bawk a...ka thik khawp mai che.

Dam leh hlim takin i hman kei pawn ka duhsak che aw...

cheers always.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

I blog ka chhiar mek lai hian, Blue Christmas tih; Martina McBride leh Elvis-te duet kha ka ngaithla mek! Lung a leng rem rem mai--mahni ramah awm mahila!

Krismas hlimawm leh refreshing time i h man ka duhsak a che!

Irene said...

@Seki..kei pawn Blue Christmas hla hi nalh ka ti khawp asin youtube tangin ka ngaithla thin a.

Nang pawh hlim leh dam takin i then leh rual, chhungkhatte leh adangte nen i hman ka duhsak a che.

Merry Christmas N Prosperous New Year 2010