Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Entry - 36

Comparing my life in MP, here is more happening and more choices for food stuffs like fresh fruits & vegetables, different types of noodles, cane food, juices , from Sea Food to chicken, Beef, Pork etc. I love to go to super market where I can get green vegetables and all others cooking materials. I love cooking, so in my weekend I try my own recipe to cook in my flat. Since I work 5 days a week now so, I get more time to try out my home style cooking from continental food, Korean Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food and also my Mizo Food. I really enjoy and this is how I would like to spent my time besides hanging out. Here I can get good brand of wine, vodka and beer which is good with chicken garlic, chicken soya sauce, chicken dry fry, chicken chilly, chicken grill, beef grill, chilly beef etc.....

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