Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Entry - 35

The recent global economic crisis which is being effecting all around the world, the US Presidential campaign, Asia economic crisis which is the Head line for the BBC and CNN world News today. Though every country is trying to solve this economic crisis, lets watch and see what will be the final solution, since i am on the bussiness line i am more curious about it. Looking todays India economic status we need more time to come up to compete with the developing world today and need extra effort to bring up our sweet country for happy living.
When i travel around India and seeing our living condition ....O God...so much more to do...so many beggars, so many home less people just living in the road side...how to solve this crisis and problems. Is it due to over population?? Inefficient Govt. Administration?? No employment?? Communalism?? Whom to blame?? So many questions arise?? How to generate more employment?? Now India is growing in economic hope this will bring changes in the days to come.
India top Head line - clashes between the Christians and the Hindus. So many churches attacked and destroyed who is responsible?? I pray to GOD for Peace and Harmony in the Country. Love one another.

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