Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Entry - 37

One of the Indians Biggest festival which followed by many other Festival, one of them is Diwali. India is one of the unique in the world where many as thousands of Goddess are worship as God and whole through the year we can witness different festival and celebration. During Dusshera festival I am invited by my neighbors and my colleague and attend their puja at Narshingpur, M.P. They offer me special India cook food, it’s very delicious. As I am not Hindu these are new things for me so I find it very interesting to study more about Hindu culture and customs. I spent my Dusshera Festival at Narshingpur in Madhya Pradesh. It’s my first time I have witness this kind of Dusshera Festival being celebrated in Indian traditional way. Thousands of devotees flock together in the Temple to pray. Every house is filled with happiness, joy, sharing, wishing one another and have food together.

DIWALI Festival of Lights, which is celebrated with great fun and happiness throughout India. I spent my time at Hyderabad. Its really memorable that this is the first times i witness such a wonderful and beautiful crakers flying everywhere.Old and young everyone takes part in this Festival with Family and Friends.... Its really great fun....

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