Wednesday, November 29, 2006

World famous Band SMOKIE blows out live concert at A.R Ground, Aizawl which is one of the remarkable count down history for Mizoram. The live concert, at The A.R Ground, saw an unprecedented number of people, for this region, turn up to see their Number One band. The airlines even laid on extra flights to accommodate the demand from folks in outlying areas. Such was the chaos on the roads that it was difficult, even for the band, to reach the venue. An alternative route was found and they were in place and ready to start on time. However, there were still thousands of people queuing to get inside. It is estimated that there were 30,000 people inside and another 10,000 outside the grounds.

The noise of the crowd, as the band struck up, was mighty. It was clear that audience would join in with every word of the songs they had known for many years. The frenzied approval towards the end of the show reached its climax when the whole band returned to the stage wearing the traditional hand-woven tartan waistcoats. At that moment they became one with the audience. It was an awesome experience to deliver a concert to the people of Mizoram, India. A country about which was known very little.

As one of the Big Fan of Smokie, after work I’ve join the Concert along with my colleague Peter as all other frans get off from their work early on this particular day. I had tough time to connect my frans after we reach the A.R. Ground as the mobile line was very busy but some way some how we meet few of them in the ground besides other frans are also trying hard to find us .The huge crowd gathered was ever I noticed in Mizoram. I really enjoy and wish that such kind of concert to be happened again at Aizawl.


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