Thursday, November 09, 2006

Entry - 4

You might be surprise, where is this place situated. Yea all the 7 state sisters of the North East are very familiar of this place as it is famous for its beautiful flora and fauna, enchanted scenery and its romantic climatic condition, so people of the North East name it “Scotland of the East” whereas the original name is SHILLONG which is in the State of Mehghalaya.

It is one of the choices place to spent holiday/trip for those who love and close to its nature. The scenery is really beautiful and the climate is colder than its neighboring states in the N.E.The people here are nice and friendly. This is the place where most of my college days were spent so its stay closes to my heart and I dearly love the place, since I have not visited for a long period, so recently I made a visit with my colleagues. The place is improving and can sight so many changes in and around of the city of Shillong. I thank to all my companion of this trip, their caring and kindness they have bestowed on me will always remains in my heart. THANK YOU ALL DEAR COLLEAGUES.

Meet up with old frans after a long period of break reminds me to recall the old days and really sweet to talk about those days. We all miss those days when all of us are care free from all shorts of responsibilities. Yes now some of them are married but still there are few who are still single like me he!!he!!. Toss up with the beer bottle after a long break is really great and knowing that all other frans who are in this trip enjoy this too its exciting….. I sincerely thank to my friend Dr.P.Lyngdoh for his kind caring, assistant and arrangement he has done for us and to my Dear Uncle who has arranged for all the transportation during our short stay at Shillong. Not to forget to thank to the Owner of Broadway Hotel, who provide us accommodation when we are extremely in need of the accommodation.(You may think Why?? During our trip almost all the hotel in Shillong are pack up b’coz of the Puja Celebration)

The food is not bad especially “Dawhkhleh” as in Mizo we term it “Vawksa lu bawl” A tui bon top. Their way of cooking is simple and tasty. They are very fond of pork meat as majority people take pork meat. I miss the food a lot! So hoping that will be back to Shillong if time permits……

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muana khuptong said...

vawksa hi ka ei thei miah lo kei chu,,mahse tui an tih hmel, ka ngeih lo allergic deuh reuhva.