Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Entry - 7 "Smokie Live Concert"

Remarkable Day!!!


illusionaire said...

Lucky you!!!!!!!! I flew back all the way from Mumbai just to catch the concert and my flight from Cal got cancelled thrice due to bad weather! I finally flew on Saturday, the day after the concert! And to make matters worse, Smokie was there in the departure lounge while I was in teh arrival lounge so I never even got to see them!

illusionaire said...

Ps. Am adding u to my list of Mizo bloggers link on my blog. Hope u dont mind... If you do, plz lemme know. Thanx.

hnamte said...

Dear illusionaire
Yea i do feel am lucky to see my no.1 fans SMOKIE at Aizawl.I feel bad for u Kim..mahse next chance aw..
Thanks for adding me to Mizo blogger links n to let u know "i don't mind it" Sorry for late reply.Pls continue u r creativity..
MIZO Tlangval tang fan fan aw..