Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PEACE HOME is run by Missionary of Mary Help of Christians Nun for the Women Domestic Workers. It is situated at Durtlang which is 5 kilometers drive from Aizawl. These Domestic Workers are generally hail from the neighboring states of Mizoram. As these Domestic Workers are being deprive of their rights and dignity they need someone to stand for them so, this Missionary Nuns stand for their rights and dignity for this helpless women in this state.

These women are trained by the nuns to work in different aspect like household work, tailoring, flower making etc. They are care and teach to be able to live independently in life. As we all know women are being deprived in different aspect/ground but now knowing the important role of the women in society, family and community many countries takes effort to bring up the women in all aspect. In this connection I would like to quote the famous German Leader Hitler saying:


I have attend the inauguration program of this Home but due to my work I am unable to attend on time but anyway I find my time in the second hour and manage to visit with my colleague Mr. Peter. Seeing the place and the people around there bring a lot of reason to think about life… I talk to some of the women/girls who stay in the Home. It’s very sad to hear their history and background…..so I just give condolence words to them. Not to forget the Care Taker of the Home Sr.Rose I really appreciate and respect of the work she has done to these women. May the Good God bless her and Guide her in the days to come.

Below I post some of the beautiful art craft by the girls of PEACE HOME. Its not it beautiful…. Just appreciate it….

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