Friday, November 03, 2006

Entry - 3

From the dreamland of College Memories and switch on to another world where many people in this world forget to think of…. (may be I am not rite 100%) but I guess some how its true as many of the younger generations seems to forget the value of our own parents. It’s me who said…So friends just lean back and think......Are we also the same????

One cold and quiet night I was standing at the balcony of my house, looking around the clear sky, the bright moonlight and the stars adds to its serenity, and let my mind to travel around the world, thinking of the happiest and sadness moment I have gone through in this short span of my pilgrimage in this physical world. The questions WHY? HOW? WHERE? WHOM? there were so many unanswerable questions which still left inside…. And suddenly I turn around, and saw my Mom through the glass window, who was sitting inside the living room and reading book, I just stare at her a moment and reminds me to recall my past days of my childhood, my school days, my college days and the present day. My God….I can’t think of how much she would have gone through the sorrow and pain to bring us up. As my Dad left to his Heavenly Abode 13 years back so she was alone to bring us up. I truly know its not easy for a single parent to bring up the children. How can she do alone?? The question struck into my mind…..Anyway this is life and every day is not a sunny day. So I accept and agree to learn, whatever comes on our way coz everyone wants the best in life.

Looking at the bright side, I accept that “God has done everything for our Good”. I Thank God for giving me wonderful MOM to me. At this very moment this song gives me the relief of my mind and heart:

“Your four days late
And all hope is gone;
Lord we don’t understand why we have waited so long
But His way is God way, not yours or mine;
Is not it great He’s four days late
He’s still on TIME”

I would like to quote out the lovely song for her:

“Mother you give me happiness
Much more than words can say;
I thank the Lord that he May Bless You
Every night and Every day”.

Ka Pa Hriatreng nan (Tribute to DAD)

“Ka Pa pial lei daiah fam min chan san tawh mah la
Kan ngilh lawng che hring nun chan chhungin,
Thinlaiah i cham reng si".

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