Tuesday, November 14, 2006

AUTUMN FESTIVAL was held at Sihhmui 45 minutes drive from the capital Aizawl. This Festival is to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Mizo and provide an opportunity for young talents as well as entertainment for people of all ages. The Festival expose and promote the various creative talents of the indigenous tribes through exhibitions, food stalls, cultural performance, music etc and thereby promoting the diverse potentials of Mizoram and her people.

It’s really an amazing festival particularly for me coz to my surprise we all frans who works in different organization at Aizawl finally get a chance to meet up together at this grant festival. Since I was busy with my work during the day so I manage to go by the evening session which was follow up by pool side party and concert which makes the festival very attractive for the youngsters like us. Seeing the talented youngsters performing in the stage create the environment very exciting for all the attendants.

Besides, party and concert, exhibition was attracted too. The multi colors weave handloom with amazing design done by the designers was really attractive and beautiful in my eyes. The food stall, cook in different style and flavor adds the festival more exotic. I have tasted the North Indian food but unfortunately miss the South Indian food coz we are late ha! ha!ha! So hopefully there will be a next chance….

The remarkable of this festival which impresses me is that it is organized in aid of Children who are affected by cancer. Yes, we know and see that there are millions and thousands of children who needs to be protected and care in this world. Wherever we go we can see the reality of the condition of the children, its very sad….. Even though I do not have a child of my own but I have the heart touch / heartfelt for them. I just can't explain….


The tropical forests of Mizoram abound in a wide variety of flora and fauna. The thick bamboo groves strewn with wild plantains dominate the lower altitude, slowly giving way to dense woods festooned with creepers and canes as the hills rise higher. Orchids of various hues, pinkish-white, sparkling rhododendrons, yellow sunflowers and many other colorful wild flowers and many other colorful wild flowers, add a touch of delightful tonal contrasts to the greeneries.

The jungles are alive with a rich population of birds which includes rare species like the hornbills, pen-pheasants, tragopans, flower-peckers, sunbirds and the thrush family. Besides being an ornithologist’s delight, the jungles are home to tigers, leopards, monkeys etc.

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